Capturing Cultural Differences



In a world with so much to learn, it seems like so many people are losing what it means to live through experience. There is┬áso much hatred and negativity in society and happiness drain. It is astonishing to hear how negative people react to cultures and situations they don’t understand. How can people be so afraid to learn about what they do not know?

This picture was taken years ago in Istanbul. It still remains to be one of my favorite pictures because of the number of cultural differences that were captured through my phone. Not only through text, but also through the movements of the people. In this one shot, there are so many cultural differences that are reflected.

The world is a fascinating place. If we open our eyes. Our hearts. And our minds. It would be possible to see how much life there is to offer. How much we can learn from others. How much beauty there is in the world. How similar we are. Open your eyes and embrace happiness and the unknown.