3 Bs

Social Media made REALLY easy!

The past couple of years have been a struggle for me with balancing life. Through this effort to keep everything balanced I’ve devised a 3 part strategy to focus on in my life, the 3 BS. Beauty. Body. Brains. At first this idea was simple: look good, work out and be intelligent. I would strive to work on each one of these everyday. And have learned that if I do accomplish these I can live a happy life.

After some time I started thinking. Life is more than the simple Bs that I had originally thought about. What about personality? Humor? Nutrition? Mental health? Relationships? Love? And finally overall happiness? These are all important when trying to achieve overall happiness in whatever form that might be. Some people find happiness in love, others success and some just can’t seem to be happy.

Through my effort to focus on the 3 B’s I have found that the Bs that I originally tried to achieve each day have sub parts.

Beauty: outside, inside personality, emotional intelligence, mental health

Body: exercise, nutrition, hygiene, being healthy

Brains: book smart, street smarts

This is the beginnings of the framework… stay tuned to ReallyLeila to discover more!