Welcome to ReallyLeila


Welcome to ReallyLeila. Before I tell you about ReallyLeila let me tell you a little about myself, so you know the person behind the blog. I’m a student. I will always be a student, and that’s why I chose to pursuit my Ph.D and become a life long learner a.k.a. teacher. In my past life, I wanted to work with psychopaths and try to “cure” them at a young age. Taken from one of the greatest bands on this earth, I kept saying “All they need is love”. Simple. Well, working with psychopaths and learning about them are two different playing fields. Unemotionality is pretty awesome, until you have to deal with it. I had a quarter life crisis and decided to completely change fields. So, here I am just a few years later with my Ph.D. in International Business and a minor in marketing.

My first career at SNHU on campus gave me so much experience teaching classes from international business, information technology, database management and social media. Lots of social media. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to teach and assist in creating classes in social media at both the graduate and undergraduate level, 6 classes to be exact. Now, I am teaching in the Digital Marketing and Analytics Masters Program at Aurora University creating classes in Customer Experience Marketing, Metrics and Analytics, Advanced Internet Marketing and Advanced Analytics. On the side, I lecture at Harvard University, Division of Continuing Education in Harvard Extension school teaching Social Media and Analytics. As a result, I am happier than ever, although I’m usually happy doing most things.

Since the beginning of the social media era I have been following the various social media applications. At first, I would use social media as a consumer, today I now analyze social media from a marketers perspective. Interestingly, I have been trained in international business and currently am trying to discover the abilities social media has from a global perspective. There is so much out in the world of social media, it is so efficient to use, yet so many people still do not understand the power of social media. The power. The magnitude. The networking capabilities are so vast, and still, today, in 2015. People still do not understand it.

I have gone back and forth trying to figure out what to write about in my blog and came to a conclusion that I will write about 2 topics: my expertise and lessons I have learned. I will teach you my tips and tricks about social media. But since I am a forever student. In every situation, there is a lesson to be learned (I think I get that from my mom). So why not write about lessons that I’ve learned and tips that I have to pass on my wisdom to the world. What wisdom can I really have? I’m hoping to pass on wisdom on being a student, being a teacher, balancing life, and everything that comes in between. So sit back, and enjoy the journey of Really, Leila?


  1. Nice meeting you Leila! I came across your blog after you followed me on Twitter. I lived in Hanover for one year. I wish I had came across you at that time. I would loved to be in your class!
    I’m also a forever student. And I have identified myself with your story I used to be a lawyer in my home country, but since I moved to the US I decided to do a shift in my career. I really love Social Media as Consumer, and now I want to improve my analytic and strategy skills.

    I’m sure I’ll be back here a lot of times.

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