9 Tips for the Newbie Live Streamer

Live Streaming has become the new trend in social media. With the increase in video and the ability for video to tell the whole picture, we have noticed the increase in popularity for Live Streaming. Even so much, as the NFL has signed a contract with Twitter to Live Stream some of their Thursday night football games on Periscope.

Live streaming is found on many application and shows events as they are happening in real time. Users can either transmit or receive both audio and video over the internet, through the comfort of their smartphone in the palm of their hand. Live streaming has become popular among various areas, from the music industry to sports and entertainment. The challenge is picking the appropriate channel to live stream in real time whether it be Blab, Periscope or Facebook Live.


How does Blab work? There are a total of four seats that allows four users to live stream at the same time on the same screen.  There is the option of having two hosts, while having two open seats for others to filter in and out to ask questions and create discussions with the hosts.  There is also a side panel that provides the opportunity for people to text chat while the Blab is streaming.


  1. Invite people to the Blab to interview
  2. Promote your Blab with a designated hashtag 
  3. Create conversations around your communities most talked about topics

This example of a Blab is a discussion between four people on three screens about social media and personal brand management.


How does Periscope work? The app enables you to go live anywhere, at any time. It works for anyone who is always on the go and essentially enable you to be the broadcaster, with your station and viewers. It also features live discussion so that you can look at the feedback from your audience.


  1. Create a catchy title
  2. Ask people to share your post
  3. Be consistent

This video shows how Amanda Oleander got Periscope famous and 230,000+ followers in just four months!


How does Facebook Live Stream work? It’s quite simple. When you go to make a status, you’ll see a new, special record button. Hit that and it’ll tell you to go live on Facebook! Super easy! This makes it extremely effortless for anyone who wants to live stream online with family and friends.


  1. Develop a strategy beforehand
  2. Ask friend/ fans s to subscribe to receive notifications when you go live
  3. Broadcast for longer periods of time to reach more fans

Below is an example of a musical group, Cimorelli, who are interviewed by Hunter March and are involved in a Q&A on Facebook Live Stream.

How will you use live streaming to supplement your content creation?