Super Bowl XLIX

Best Super Bowl XLIX Ads of 2015

Super Bowl XLIX

The Super Bowl. Ah, a time for great food, great puppies and GREAT Commercials. Okay and great football, too. Years ago, companies would spend millions of dollars and so much time preparing for the Super Bowl to create THE best advertisements. Today, with social media, Super Bowl Advertisements are not like they used to be. In fact, half of the commercials that were on during Super Bowl XLIX have been on television all week, some even dating back to the beginning of last year.  Either way, there have been some outstanding advertisements out there. Here are my top picks of the Best Super Bowl ads during the game. If you’re looking for all of the 1st Quarter , 2nd Quarter, 3rd Quarter and 4th Quarter Super Bowl Ads  you’re not going to get them here. These are just my favorite 10 commercials of the 2015 Super Bowl XLIX. Go Patriots! #DoYourJob

1.) Chevy #ChevyColorado

The Chevy Commercial made the world’s heart stop. Why was Chevy’s commercial a great commercial? A few reasons. First, if you have Comcast, you have had the problem they were showing in their commercial. I can tell you, I have had cable failure a number of times with Comcast. Nothing was done as a result. So it wasn’t a surprise that most people had a bit of a freakout about their cable.  Second, so many people have problems with Comcast and their cable providers that people really related to that feeling. Great job Chevy! You deserve a Gronk Spike#ChevyColorado

2.) Coca Cola The World is What WE Make It #MakeItHappy

The CocaCola commercial, #MakeItHappy, was timely and emotional. From the first minute the Coca Cola Commercial aired it was apparent that your emotions were going to go for a bit of a ride. The commercial showed a number of cases of cyber bullying on the internet, which has turned into an epidemic with the disruption of social media. It was pretty sad and made your heart break just a little bit. Then, one of the employees spills “happiness” aka Coca-Cola on some servers. What happens next is remarkable. The people that were being cyber bullied are now seeing the negative messages turn into happy messages. The commercial was very uplifting with a great message. The message was positive and encouraging people to spread happy messages. Coca-Cola is spreading happiness with their brand while shedding light on the negativity of cyber bullying. Coca- Cola develops a strong message emphasizing that World is What We Make It. #MakeItHappy

3.) Skittles #SettleIt

Skittles in the vein. The Skittles commercial was very timely considering the link between Marshawn Lynch, a running back for the Seattle Seahawks, and his love for Skittles. Skittles always creates a brand connection with their audience by showing how Skittles changes lives, in the Super Bowl commercial it showed you can win an arm wrestling competition. It was smart of Skittles to place an ad relating to strength since Lynch has such a love for Skittles. The message is clear with Skittles, eat Skittles and you will be strong. Maybe, that’s why Lynch loves his Skittles. #SettleIt

4.) Clash of Clans #AngryNeeson

Liam Neeson the epitome of muscle, strength and revenging all wrongs done to him or anyone he cares about. Clash of Clans, a mobile phone game, has had some difficult competition with Kate Upton and her “assets” in Game of War’s traditional advertisements. In the most recent Clash of Clans’ advertisement during the Super Bowl, Liam Neeson is playing Clash of Clans on his phone and is speaking angrily into his phone about Revenge. All of a sudden a barista calls his name to tell Liam that his scone is ready. The juxtaposition of the scone and the angry Liam Neeson, shows that people from all walks of life play the game. The Angry Neeson Clash of Clan’s commercial is very fun loving and light, but really expresses the commitment and addiction that people have to Clash of Clans. Most turn into the #AngryNeeson while playing.

5.) Dodge #DodgeWisdom

The surprise and the change in pace of the #DodgeWisdom commercial takes you through a roller-coaster of emotions. The Dodge Wisdom commercial starts off with some wise and older individuals giving life lessons in a serious tone. At first, the commercial starts pulling at your heart strings and you really listen to the advice that the older generation is communicating. Stay Young. Always tell the truth. There are miracles all around you. Then there is a shot of one of the older individuals in a fast car, revving the engine and everyone else that was giving advice laughing. Once that happens, the messages start changing to living life to the fullest. The messages change. Don’t Complain. Don’t bitch. Live Fast. Never, ever Forget Where You Came From.  The message of the Dodge ad shows that Dodge has been around for 100 years and it lasts, but the brand is still young. The brand personality comes out showing that they are youthful, thrill seeking, wise and exciting. What’s interesting is that Dodge is hitting a few segments of the market by showing the older generation but contrasting the youthful image that the Dodge brand usually portrays. #DodgeWisdom

6.) Dove #LikeAGirl

This year there were a lot of commercials that pulled at your heartstrings. Normally, I am not one for the sappy commercials and I really didn’t put any on my Top 10 list. However, growing up I never had to deal with gender issues in reaching my goals and being successful. As a result, I thought this was a very relevant commercial. There are so many girls in this world that are constricted by gender roles. Although an oldie, the #LikeAGirl Dove commercial is still a goodie. The commercial does a great job shedding light on how society plays such a prominent role in creating gender roles for women. The #LikeAGirl commercial makes you think and analyze situations that you have been in holding people back based on their gender or their circumstances. The message in this commercial was impactful and relevant, do not hold people back from achieving their goals. Don’t put people down or judge people, let people reach their dreams. Especially women. #LikeAGirl

 7.) Snickers #EatASnickers

The Snickers’ Commercial during the Super Bowl XLIX was pretty funny. Danny Trejo, normally known for his macho roles, is complaining to the Brady Bunch Parents mimicking the infamous “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” lines that we have heard many times. Usually, Snickers does a pretty good job with their “Eat A Snickers” Alter ego Commercials. However, this commercial was humorous and over the top. Bringing the Brady Bunch into the Snickers’ commercial was a nice touch with a retro feel. We have all been there having to deal with someone that was hungry and cranky. The message was loud and clear, before turning into a monster “Eat a Snickers”.

8.) Lexus #MakeSomeNoise

The Lexus #MakeSomeNoise Super Bowl ad makes you want to get up and dance. The Lexus ad was very well produced and was extremely racey. It was clear that Lexus was targeting people that were fun, high energy and living in the fast lane. The commercial showed that the car would give you status and you would make a splash. The music and dancing really hammered in the message that driving the car would be exciting and energetic. You definitely would not be bored! Excellent ad Lexus, let’s #MakeSomeNoise!

9.) Mercedes #TheBigRace

The classic Tortoise and Hare story has been around for years and was reinvented by Mercedes in their exciting new commercial. Similar to the Tortoise and Hare fable, the Tortoise and Hare are racing where the Tortoise is going extremely slowly and the hare is going superfast. It is clear that the Hare is going to win, when the Tortoise using his wisdom finds the Mercedes AMG GT S. The typical Tortoise and Hare story is changed with the Tortoise outsmarting the Hare by finding a beautifully crafted Mercedes. The Tortoise ends up winning the race with the beautiful Mercedes. So what is Mercedes saying? You too can win anything with patience and wisdom. Well, as long as you are driving a Mercedes AMG GT S. #TheBigRace

10.) Budlight #UpForWhatever

The Bud Light #UpForWhatever commercial was the end of the best of the best commercials this year. The commercial shows the Best Party ever with real life Pac Man. Of course, who wouldn’t want to win at real life Pac Man? The Bud Light commercial is really exciting and makes the list because of creating the party of the year. Bud Light always has some great advertisements, but this commercial is a real touchdown. The commercial really showed that they know their audience and that they are really an exciting brand that knows how to have fun. To be able to pull off a party in NYC in a secret location was definitely a lighthearted and deserves a Gronk spike. Good job Bud Light! #UpForWhatever


Heroes Reborn #HeroesReborn

After years of wondering if Heroes would ever come back. It finally happened. After ending the last season as if Heroes was going to return on air it sadly has never returned. Although the commercial was up there as one of my favorite commercials, I can’t say it was because of the actual commercial, but more for the circumstance. Here’s the number 11th commercial because I am stoked for Heroes to come back on! #HeroesReborn

Ted 2

In honor of the Patriots beating the Seahawks for Super Bowl XLIX championship and Tom Brady winning his 3rd Super Bowl MVP award, I added one last commercial in my list, Ted 2. Tom Brady makes a cameo in Ted 2, so it was only appropriate to include the trailer in my Best of List. Thank you Brady! You are amazing. #DOYOURJOB! #Ted2

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