Questions to ask for a Digital and Social Media Strategy

Digital and Social Media Strategy

There is a lot to know about Digital and Social Media Strategy. Below are a number of questions that help to create organization for your digital strategy. From going back to the basics and understanding your brand and image to aligning your varied customer personas with social media sites, it gives a beginner a holistic approach to digital marketing.

Digital Marketing

1.)  Research landscape and company

  1. What is your mission and vision?
  2. What is your brand image?
  3. What is your current social media presence like?
  4. What other media channels do you use for marketing?

2.) Customer Information

  1. Who are the customers?
  2. What needs to be fulfilled by the product?
  3. Why is your product the best option to fulfill the needs of your target?

3.)   Customer Persona

  1. Who are your ideal prospects and customers?
  2. How do they go about making a buying decision?
  3. What are their questions? Pain points? Objections?
  4. What gaps in information are they lacking that my content can fill?

4.) SEO

Adapted from HubSpot: Questions to Answer When Developing Keywords

  1. What products/services do you offer?
  2. Why would your personas need your product? What does it solve for?
  3. How would you describe what your business does to someone who has never heard of you?
  4. How would you explain your business to someone who is new to you?
  5. What keywords would your personas use to find a solution like yours?
  6. What are the industry problems that your business can solve for?
  7. What problems/pain points are your personas facing?
  8. What common questions do your prospects ask you?
  9. How are your offerings special? What differentiates you from your competitors?
  10. Where in the buying cycle do you want to hit your customers?

Keyword Examples

(Turn into a chart i.e. in Excel)

Transaction-based keywords

Base Keyword Long-tail iteration 1 Long-tail iteration 2 Long-tail iteration 3 Long-tail iteration 4
(ex.) Get found online Tools to get found online How to get found online Get your business found online Get your business discovered online


Information-based keywords

Base Keyword Long-tail iteration 1 Long-tail iteration 2 Long-tail iteration 3 Long-tail iteration 4
(ex.) Inbound marketing software All-in-one inbound marketing software Inbound marketing software suite Inbound marketing software tools Inbound marketing software products

6.) KPI’s

  1. What do you want to measure? (Remember know objectives)
  2. What is your overall goal?
  3. Determine KPI’s


Social Media Strategy

7.)  Research of the target audience

  1. What are the different customer personas? Define the target audience (Demographics, Psychographics, Segmentation) in terms of social media. If different from about customer persona.
  2. What social media sites are your customer persona’s using?
  3. What are keyword that your customer personas are using?
  4. What is the Groundswell Tool explanation of your customer persona?
  5. What motivations do your customers have for being on social media?  COBRA typologies

8.) Assessment of the target audience

  1. Does your target audience interact on social media? If so, what is their sentiment?
  2. What is the response like from the you/brand to the target?
  3. Current Landscape.

9.) Influencers and Competition

  1. Who are the Influencers in the industry (5+)?
  2. Who are their direct competitors (2-3)?
  3. What applications are the Influencers and Competitors using?
  4. What is the community size and engagement of each social media application for competitors and Influencers?
  5. What type of content do they write about?
  6. Is there a void or opportunity that your brand can fill?

10.)         Goals/KPI for social

  1. What does your brand envision as a successful social media strategy?
  2. What are opportunities that your brand have has on social media?

11.)          Objectives

  1. Define overall SMART objectives for the whole campaign/strategy

12.)         Message

  1. Define the message and the brand image of your brand. Do you need to communicate different messages and brand images for each customer persona? or on different social media applications?

13.)         Analytics

  1. Analyze you current social media landscape
  2. Engagement on each application
  3. Community on each application

14.) Editorial Calendar


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