Remarketing: The Right Way

Interesting insight into how to do remarketing!


First off, we need to know, what is Remarketing?

Remarketing is exactly what the name entails!

You are marketing material to potential customers that have already seen your products or services. To set up a remarketing campaign the HTML code of the businesses website needs to be altered to include tags for the products and services the business will remarket. Remarketing helps business with staying in the mind of buyers as they search for the best products and services that match their needs. Remarketing campaigns can target your exact target market or anyone who visit your webpage.

Remarketing Really Does Work!

Statistics have found that most buyers do not make a purchase the first time they enter a businesses website. However, once the person enters the website for a second time, 67% of second time visitors make a purchase. A real life example of remarketing success is Loews Hotel Group

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