Social Media Strategy: 5 Easy Steps to Success

Social Media made REALLY easy!


Social media has changed the fundamental way in which people communicate, brands market their products and multinationals enter new markets. This isn’t really a new phenomenon, however it is one that people are still trying to figure out. How am I going to market my products? How can I utilize social media to my advantage? There is so much information out in the “Invisible Continent” that it can be overwhelming. That’s why I’m here, to read all of the important information and streamline it into one useful blog.

Social media isn’t difficult. I swear to you, there is nothing that is easier in this world. The only problem is that many people don’t know how to use social media to their advantage. So here are my first set of general tips:

1.)    Be passionate about your topic. If you’re not passionate or you don’t have a good connection to what you’re writing about. You will NEVER, I repeat NEVER have success. Love what you’re writing about. Or at least LEARN to love what you’re writing about. If you’re not excited about your topic, I promise you, your audience won’t be excited by your writing.

2.)    Know your industry. From influencers online to trends in the field. Know everything there is to know about your industry. A new product launches, new research is released, know it and be one of the first to tweet/Facebook/LinkedIN/Instagram/Blog about it.

3.)    Connect. Continuously reach out to people online and offline. Always “meet” new people and don’t be afraid to connect with people you don’t know. Once you connect, engage and interact. ALWAYS. Intrigue your community by your expertise of your industry.

4.)    Listen, listen, listen. And listen some more. Understand what your community is saying, what they’re not saying and who are they saying it to. Social media provides public customer service not only for your brand. But also for your competitors. Listen more to what people are saying to your competitors than about your brand. And leverage that information before your competitor does. Someone has a problem, have your brand be a hero!

5.)    Measure, analyze and evolve. Always measure everything about your brand. Sentiment analysis, how do people feel about you. Followers, following, Likes. Know your audience and who are they and what their story is. Comments, @replies, favorites, retweets what are common themes within your interactions? Are there common themes? Find what your community likes and run with it. Evolve your brand to fit your target audience.

One last thing. Remember. Social media is just one channel, but it is not the all end be all of marketing. Yes, it’s fun and yes it’s extremely efficient, but hit more marketing channels than just social media.



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